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Reasons for collaboration

Hoses, fittings and measuring instruments save lives here—constant further development and quality management are therefore of particular importance to us. We ensure that the equipment fully meets all quality and safety standards through resilient testing and scientific monitoring. Our small parts are manufactured in accordance with the current requirements of the relevant medical standards. Our reliable partners, who have been market leaders in the field of health technology for many years, guarantee quality and performance.

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Our trained, specialist employees know the requirements of each product as well as their industries and we can therefore offer highly qualified consultancy services, particularly on site through our sales engineers.

Contractual partners


Hengstler Customised products

Hengstler has far more to offer than just counting and control components in their standard design, as the automation specialists customise their…

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Hengstler Reliable encoders with the latest Profinet protocol

ACURO series can now also be used for IoT applications and helps automation engineers to improve energy efficiency.

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Hengstler High-precision ICURO RI58 incremental encoders

ICURO RI58 incremental encoders: Extremely precise, flexible and smart

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