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Crimp connectors from the TE Connectivity DuraSeal series as an absolutely safe one-piece solution for cable connections


The DuraSeal solutions from TE Connectivity include crimp connectors which, thanks to the intelligent one-piece solution, enable an isolated and safe cable connection.

In addition to the line connection using the D-406, the B-106 DuraSeal connectors also offer a secure line / terminal connection. These are also insulated, strain-relieved and, with their simple processing, form a perfect solution in a wide variety of demanding work environments.


What distinguishes the connector?

  •     One-piece connector (combination of crimp connector and pre-coated shrink tubing)
  •     The adhesive coating provides perfect insulation from water, salts, etc. (corrosion prevention)
  •     An additional strain relief ensures that the crimp connection is resistant to vibration and movement

Where are DuraSeal crimp connectors used?

  •     Motor vehicle and automotive cabling
  •     Line connections in the maritime sector
  •     Line connections in the industrial area (pumps, etc.)

Do you have any questions about the procurement or processing of DuraSeal connectors using the AD-1544 crimping tool and a heat processing device?
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