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TE Connectivity M12 TE Intercontec Motor Connector

With the Intercontec M12 Motor Connector, TE is the first company to offer a connector for small servo motors that provides all-in-one connectivity…

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Technology Industrial RJ45 Jacks with integrated magnetics

Industrial RJ45 jacks with integrated magnetics offer a highly integrated connectivity solution - from the cable to the physical layer- for Industrial…

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TE Connectivity SWFR X2 - Highly flame-retardant, zero halogen, low recovery temperature, metric-sized heat-shrinkab

SWFR X2 heat-shrinkable tubing is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly choice for many commercial applications. X2 tubing is made from a…

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Machine building Bus Bar Power Connectors & Cable Assemblies for OCP

The bus bar power connectors and cable assemblies provide lower power consumption in power distribution applications as either a power supply or…

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Song Chuan Song Chuan Automotive Relays

• High current micro ISO automotive relay.

• SPNO contact configuration.

• Switches up to 35A resistive load, 100,000 ops.

• Dust cover, flux-free…

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Machine building Bistable Solenoids for Access Control

For the mechanical action a bistable actuator solenoid is most suitable. Such devices have two stable end positions, corresponding to the locked and…

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Aerospace 64 series solenoid valves

Whether they are used as redundantly configured gas valve modules with DVGW approval, as natural gas switches in fuel cells or as switching or…

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Machine building High-Voltage Fuse Blocks, Holders

These higher-voltage fuse blocks and holders offer the same miniature form factors as the lower-voltage versions, which eliminates the need to…

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Machine building SP3222 Series TVS Diode Arrays

The low loading capacitance of SP3222 Series TVS Diode Arrays makes them ideal for ESD protection for high speed data lines.

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Littelfuse TVS-Dioden Arrays safely absorb repetitive ESD strikes without performance degradation

The SP1103C includes TVS diodes fabricated in a proprietary silicon avalanche technology protect each I/O pin to provide a high level of protection…

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