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Welcome to IBH.

The company IBH Elektrotechnik is a traditional engineering office with headquarters in Norderstedt. We have been specialising in electronics as well as electromechanical and pneumatic systems for over sixty years.

Our dedicated employees guarantee the highest level of quality and care. We are happy to pass on our knowledge. We are an accredited training company and have been for many years. Constant sales growth and financial independence make us a reliable business partner to over 2,000 clients.

Henning Sauerland
Managing Director


TE Connectivity MATEnet Connector System

Miniaturized Automotive Ethernet Connector System

In an ongoing, global evolutionary process, safer, greener and more comfortable driving increasingly relies on connectivity.

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TE Connectivity Smart Connectivity for Smart City Technology and Edge Computing

Connectivity solutions enabling public and private organizations to connect, accelerate, and protect the flow of data, power, and signal – in communications and energy systems –…

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TE Connectivity ICCON Block & ICCON Insert Power Pin & Socket

ICCON Block and ICCON Insert high power pin and socket products can offer flexible design options for applications up to 350A.

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