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A crimp ferrule – also known as a wire ferrule
and electrical ferrule – is a soft metal tube that
is crimped onto the end of a stripped wire to
protect the strands inside a terminal from

 010.032832926824-1AM WIRE PIN 17-13 .013 BR 450,000 Pieces
 010.033931165049PIDG WIRE PIN-ASI 500 Pieces
 010.002187165133PIDG WIRE PIN 0 Pieces
 010.034305165168P.I.D.G. WIRE PIN 22-16 2,000 Pieces
 010.000676925856-1CIRCULAR WIRE PIN 0 Pieces
 010.0036571-1377174-3SMP 0-0165046-0 8,900 Pieces
 010.0343067-1377173-6SMP 0-0328998-0 1,000 Pieces
 010.0343006-1377173-8SMP 0-0031890-0 0 Pieces
 010.0289167-1377173-8SMP 0-0130171-0 1,500 Pieces
 010.0351077-1377173-3SMP 0-0320565-0 0 Pieces

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