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New option for current monitoring: the ESU module

ESUC base is an option available for the celpac® 2G range.

This optional module is pluggable directly on SU / SUL Solid State Contactor and permanently measures the load current.

This is possible to make a diagnostic up to 5 heating elements in parallel.

Current range: 2-40A

Control: 8-32VDC

The current value is compared to a reference value which has been stored during initialisation by means of the “Teach “ push button or “external Teach” input.

If the operator presses the teach push button for at least 3s or if the external teach input is ON for at least 3s the device will record the value Iteach of the current and set a high current threshold at Iteach + 16% and a low current threshold at Iteach – 16%. If the current varies outside the reference value ( +/- 16%), the module detects a fault (partial load fault or overload). At the same time, the module monitors a network failure (no current with control) or a thyristor fault (current without control). In case of a failure, the output status indicates a problem after a small delay (100ms max). Different configurations and status are visualised by 3 LEDs.

2 alarm limits 0,84*Iteach and 1,16*Iteach (+/-16%)


Possible detections:

  • Open Load
  • Open Mains
  • Partial load break
  • SSR Short-circuited
  • Overload (partial load short-circuit)


Why choosing celduc`s current monitoring function?

  • Quick fault detections (instantaneous alarm)
  • Maintenance
  • To detect when a heater is broken which bring problems and is difficult to locate
  • To have good quality products for plastic/rubber parts manufacturers (specially thermosetting material) where you need an accurate temperature
  • 22.5mm width with integrated heatsink and DIN rail adaptor


Options on request:

Micro-switches can be added to allow parameters setting (threshold, delay, locking,alarm inhibition etc...)

Do not hesitate to contact us


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