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Promoting health with precision technology

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Hengstler manufactures important components for medical devices

Medical devices for the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses must work precisely and reliably.  As a specialist in automation technology, Hengstler supplies components such as rotary encoders, counters, relays and cutters for manufacturers of medical devices.

For example, rotary encoders such as the AD36 and the AD35 are used in proton beam therapy to ensure that no healthy tissue is damaged during tumour irradiation. In surgical robots, these rotary encoders ensure that the exact position of surgical instruments is displayed to the surgeon during microsurgical procedures. Additional application examples include computer tomographs and mammography.

Hengstler counters help to detect the wear and tear of medical monitoring equipment at an early stage so that dangerous malfunctions are prevented. Application examples include X-ray equipment, ballasts for fluorescent lamps, as they are used in endoscopy as well as in ventilators and analysis systems.

Hengstler cutters are used in drug dosing systems: They are characterised by the fact that they are maintenance-free, self-sharpening and available with different cutting widths. In defibrillators, Hengstler relays ensure the switching from the ECG to the high-voltage part so that the semiconductors can trigger the life-saving electrical impulse.

All Hengstler medical components are characterised by the fact that they are individually adapted to the customer's requirements. The service also includes batch size 1 manufacturing and application-specific advice in advance.




As a manufacturer of counters, printers, cutters, relays and encoders, HENGSTLER offers many years of experience in electromechanics, mechanics, pneumatics and electronics.

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