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PSX Series High-speed Fuses

The POWR-SPEED® line of High-Speed (semiconductor) of Littelfuse ® fuses is designed for modern day sensitive power electronics devices that require superior protection against overcurrent. They offer extreme current limiting protection and balanced performance for longevity.


  • Low watts loss, prevents energy loss, more efficient, minimizes wasted power from components
  • Small package facilitates design of smaller or more compact high energy density systems
  • Visual blown fuse indication is detectable in the event of a fault
  • High Interrupting rating provides improved protection levels
  • Blade and screw version available. Could save the fuseholder


  • Battery energy storage systems
  • Power Conversion Systems
  • Dc common bus systems
  • Industrial heaters and welding equipment
  • Hybrid PV-BESS Inverters
  • Regenerative drives
  • Metal processing equipment



Littelfuse is a global manufacturer of leading technologies in circuit protection, power control, and sensing.

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