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Automotive Coaxial Camera Connectors

Automotive Coaxial Camera Connectors

TE Connectivity (TE) manufactures high performance 6 GHz coaxial automotive camera connectors to support the latest developments in vehicle camera technology. Based on the popular MATE-AX and FAKRA connectors, TE’s portfolio of automotive fixed and floating coaxial connector solutions supports cameras of 12 megapixels / 60 fps and beyond.



  • Floating and fixed header solutions
  • Single and multi-PCB support
  • High-level of misalignment compensation: ± 0.5 mm in all directions for floating solutions
  • Highly compact design
  • Waterproofing of IP6K9K
  • Broadband connectivity to support beyond 8-12 megapixel / 60 frames per second
  • Support all current and next-generation automotive coaxial SerDes protocols
  • Supports phantom power supply
  • Compatible to metal and plastic camera housings



TE Connectivity

To branches, such as the automotive industry, aerospace, but also in defense systems as well as the whole new energy sector, TE Connectivity offers high-quality and innovative products.

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