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Card Edge Power Connectors - TE Connectivity

TE is shaping the card edge power connector portfolio into a comprehensive one with the introduction of single-beam, high-density (HD) heightened, HD plus (HD+) 5- and 8- beam card edge power connectors,  supporting current ranging from 5.2A/pitch (5.2A/2.54mm pitch) to 46A/pitch (~15A/2.54mm).


Key Features & Benefits

Comprehensive product portfolio

  • Abundant product options with standard, medium, high and premium current rating, ranging from 5.2A/pitch (5.2A/2.54mm) to 46A/pitch (~15A/2.54mm), supporting up to 3400W
  • Addressing general and high-end markets demands

Offer system design flexibility

  • CRPS interface compatible products: single-beam and HD+ 8-beam card edge power connectors
  • Expansive PCB orientation configurations: right angle, vertical, straddle and heightened
  • Custom solutions available to address customer needs

Enable optimized performance

  • Enhanced safety: UL and TUV certified
  • Higher current, higher density and better heat performance through TE’s innovative contact design -- pass-through dual-layer contact design can allow thicker material


Power supply units and power transmission between boards, e.g. raiser cards for:

  • Data center (switches, servers, storage, routers)
  • Remote radio units
  • Base stations


TE Connectivity

To branches, such as the automotive industry, aerospace, but also in defense systems as well as the whole new energy sector, TE Connectivity offers high-quality and innovative products.

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