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Rugged, Reliable, Standard Connectors

The rugged circular and DIN connectors from TE Connectivity are designed to meet the requirements of DIN standards, including the ISO 15170 / DIN 72585 standard. These connectors feature a coupling ring for mating and are suitable for in-line, flange mount, or PCB applications.

Product Features:

  • Accepts contact size 1.5 mm (up to 30 amps) and 2.5 mm (up to 40 amps)
  • 4.0 - 0.20 mm²
  • 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 31 cavity arrangements
  • In-line, Panel, or PCB mount
  • Circular, thermoplastic housing
  • Coupling ring, backshells, protections cap, single wire seals and blind plugs available



TE Connectivity

To branches, such as the automotive industry, aerospace, but also in defense systems as well as the whole new energy sector, TE Connectivity offers high-quality and innovative products.

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