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TE Connectivity DYNAMIC D8000 SERIES

Positive audible locking housing enable easy mating for a simplified and reduced installation / maintenance time in the field for service engineers


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TE Connectivity AMPSEAL 16

The AMPSEAL 16 high temperature connectors from TE Connectivity, are the newest addition to the well established  AMPSEAL 16 product portfolio.

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XB17 and XB19

TE Connectivity Tubing Processing - with the x-factor

With the new product series "X" - The new standard withing your heathshrink tubing processing

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TE Connectivity PCON 12 Connector 90°

TE’s One Position 90° Unsealed Connectors Using PCON 12 Terminals is a unique power connection solution suitable for a variety of applications across…

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[Translate to Englisch:] EN-50306

TE Connectivity "EN-50306" - Signalwire for Rail vehicles and rail infrastructure

With the new product series "EN-50306"...

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[Translate to Englisch:] DWFR Schrumpfschlauch

TE Connectivity TE Connectivity - DWFR Tubing

With the "DWFR" series, TE Connectivity offers double-walled heat shrink tubing with UL VW-1 certification

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KILOVAC K250 - TE Connectivity

Kilovac New Product: KILOVAC K250 High Voltage DC Contactor

Sets a New Industry Standard Performance for Current Carry and Isolation Voltage relative to Package Size and Weight

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Kilovac KILOVAC DC High Power Contactors

Europe's largest stock – Technical consulting

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TE Connectivity 2-in-1 Pre-Insulated POD-LOK Receptacle/Housing

TE Connectivity (TE) introduces pre-insulated POD-LOK receptacle terminals. They combine Positive Lock receptacles with Glow Wire Test (GWT), UL 94…

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TE Connectivity DEUTSCH High Density Optical In-line Dry-Mate Connector

New in-line dry-mate connector offers increased environmental protection for marine fiber optics...

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