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Kendrion Kuhnke Safety I/O expands Kendrion Kuhnke product portfolio

With the new safety input and output terminal, Kendrion Kuhnke Automation not only expands its product portfolio, but also enters a new league in the…

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Kendrion Kuhnke New Proportional Valves Generation

Superior performance at compact dimensions. Proportional Valves

KUHNKE proportional solenoid valves were developed for demanding control functions.…

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Kendrion Kuhnke Separate cam controller reduces costs of a PLC

Cam Controller Ventura FIO CAMElectronic cam controllers are used wherever fast recurring switching sequences are required. If this time-critical…

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Kendrion Kuhnke Modern multi-finger machine control

The new Ventura touch panel series by KUHNKE offers maximum flexibility, modern and exceptionally compact design as well as a state of the art…

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Kendrion Kuhnke New Industrial PC Generation

Small, robust, maintenance free and a safe investment. These are the minimal requirements which a modern industrial PC must provide for professional…

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